My Top Plants For Beginners

Stepping into the world of houseplants can be quite daunting at first especially as a beginner. When I first dove into this green world I didn’t know which plants to buy first. Therefore, the first thing I did was some research. I knew that I wanted an Aloe plant since we had one when I was growing up, but I wasn’t sure which type of Aloe plant to get. One day, while at my local Wal-Mart I passed by these tiny little Aloe Vera plants for $7! I just had to get one. Now about eight months later it’s still growing big and strong!


Things to know about Aloe Veras:

  • They are a type of succulent
  • My Aloe specifically likes bright, in-direct sunlight
  • To check and see if your Aloe needs water I stick my fingertip in to see if it’s dried out (I normally water my Aloe about twice a week during the growing season)
  • All of my plants have a drainage hole in the bottom of their pots as to avoid them sitting in water and getting rot wad

My next plant for beginners is a Pothos plant that I have had for about twelve years now, and somehow it is still alive! Pothos is a quite popular houseplant mainly because they are so hard to kill and they are also a type of trailing plant; meaning they grow long vines. This year is the first year that my Pothos has actually gotten some trail to it and is looking much healthier. Why hasn’t it grown much in the last twelve years? Because it needed to be repotted; it completly outgrow its tiny pot! A little backstory on my Pothos, I received my Pothos as a gift from my third-grade teacher who had a huge Pothos plant in her classroom. At the end of the school year, she sent every child in her class home with a cutting from her momma Pothos! Now my Pothos seems a lot happier and hopefully next summer we’ll see lots of new growth from it!


Things to know about Pothos:

  • My Pothos is in an indirect-shaded place which it loves
  • I water him about once every two weeks-I normally put a few ice cubes on it and just let the ice melt on him instead of just watering him. I don’t know why I do this; it’s just how I have always watered him
  • Pothos are great plants to propagate from (if you don’t know what propagating is stay tuned for another blog just on propagating plants)

My next recommend plant is a Snake plant! Snake plants are also a highly popular houseplant because they grow rather quickly and will also pretty much grow wherever you put it! I’ve had my snake plant for about five months now and it’s grown quite a bit and hasn’t been too picky about when I water him. Snake plants are just so fun to watch grow and just to even look at! I picked up my Snake plant at my local Lowes!

Snake Plant

Things to know about Snake Plants:

  • My Snake plant is in a bright, indirect sunlight spot just like my Aloe
  • Normally I let the soil dry out before watering again, but I’ve noticed through this summer that it doesn’t really matter how long you water before watering again
  • The pot for my Snake plant does have drainage holes at the bottom as to avoid rot wad
  • If you forget to sometimes water your plants and end up killing them then I recommend trying this plant- I once went three weeks without watering him and he showed no signs of dying!

The next plant is also another plant that you can go without water for quite some time and it won’t show any signs of dying. It’s a Ponytail Palm! This Ponytail Palm has been with me for a while, I would say about seven months and it has just grown and grown! I currently have mine sitting outside and it has survived the harsh summer heat! Of course, if you have any plants outdoors during the summer you will need to water them more often.


Things to know about Ponytail Palms:

  • My Ponytail Palm sits in bright, indirect sunlight- you can set them in direct sunlight but you will just need to water them more often
  • I left my soil pretty much dry completly; if it looks dry I normally give it a little drink

The last plant is a plant I just recently got, it’s called Hypoestes Phyllostachya- Polka Dot plant. Yes, I’ve only had this plant for about a month now, but it is quite different than the rest of my plants! A few days ago I checked on it and it looked just sad and like it was about ready to die! I rushed to give it some water hoping that it would live. The next day I checked on it again and to my amazement, it was perfectly healthy and vibrant! If you want a plant that tells you what it needs then I suggest getting this plant! And look at that color! I actually had to purchase this plant online from a store on Etsy, I will soon be doing a whole blog on ordering plants online, so stay tuned!

Poka Dot plant

Things to know about Polka Dot plants:

  • My Polka Dot plant sits in a slightly shaded indirect sunlight spot
  • Right now I am watering this plant every two to three days because its really trying to grow!
  • It will always tell you what it needs!

And there you have it! Those were my top plants for beginners, I have so many other easy-care plants that I hope to one day make another blog about, so if you would like to have something like that just let me know! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and just a friendly reminder that I am in no way shape or form an expert on houseplants. This is just merely my experiences with these plants and some research that I have done on them! Thanks for reading!

Love, Kay


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